life design mentorship

Thank you for your interest, but Jan is currently not taking on new mentees at this moment in time.

the call for something greater

Perhaps you've felt it too. The Call for something greater. For me it arose as a clear and resounding voice in my head at a time in my life where things looked bleak. But looking back, I noticed it was there all along. Whispering to me words of guidance to help me navigate the trials of life.

Maybe you've experience The Call while lying awake in bed at night. Or perhaps on your daily commute. It gradually seeps into your awareness and gently invites you to move your life in new directions. Of course you could ignore The Call, and many do. Though do so at your own peril.

Within our mentorship calls we will explore what you are being called to step into for the next chapter of your life. We will do this through a series of 1:1 calls to the backdrop of an interactive white-boarding space.

Here you will be able to gradually piece together what path feels most authentic to you. We will explore what lights you up, closes you down, and everything in-between. Over the weeks you gain clarity on your guiding values, unique strengths, and the goals that feel most alive for you.

Curious? Book a free discovery call to see if my approach is right for you.

the experience

explore your inner world, visually

Mentoring sessions take place in an online self-exploration space, which you will have the opportunity to build out over time.

You will be guided through exercises to move thoughts out of your head and structure them in your self-exploration space.

Guided exercises to get to know yourself better

Take what's on your mind and organise it visually

Start with a guiding intention then gradually uncover more about yourself session-by-session. Come the end, the space will be yours to keep forever.

Build out your personal self-discovery space

Come back to it whenever you need (it's yours to keep!)

To symbolise your progress we will plant trees on your behalf through our partner Trees for the Future.

We plant trees for every milestone you complete

You will receive an certificate of proof at the end of your sessions

Hand drawn sign showing two directions

the crossroads

choose your path

Where do you currently find yourself on your journey?

fire starter

For those seeking to spark change
Perhaps you've hard The Call and are now realising that not all is as it seems. You realise things need to change in your life but you're not sure what exactly. If this resonates then this path may be for you.
  • x4 1-hour mentoring sessions*
  • Access to a personal self-growth space inside Miro
  • Tailored self-discovery exercises
  • Post-session 'quests' to pursue
Investment: €550

storm chaser

For those sailing through a storm
You're in the middle of some major life transitions and are somewhat lost at sea. Your motivation has dipped and your vision is obscured by fog. This path is for those of you looking for a lighthouse to guide you to shore.
All the features of the 'Fire Starter' path plus:
Investment: €750

light bringer

For those shaping the future
You've traversed the storm and are now in clear waters. Now is the time to shine bright and give back to the world. In what ways can you use your unique gifts to pave a brighter future for not just yourself, but others too?
All the features of the 'Storm Chaser' path plus:
  • In-depth support structuring your projects within the Life Compass
  • Tailored business advise focused on your niche (if relevant)
  • Two-hour ideation workshop to help you to accelerate your projects
  • Option for a in person workshop in the Netherlands (flights and accommodation not included)
Investment: €1050
*Calls take place over Zoom. It's possible to add additional sessions for the cost of €99 per session.
Jan Demiralp, Founder

a bit about me

In 2020, I experienced acute derealisation for the first time, triggered by a traumatic event. In this half out-of-body state, the outer noise around me diminished, while my inner soundscape was amped up to 11.

This is when I strongly connected with the voice of my intuition. Suddenly all things were put into perspective for me. The pettiness of day to day problems became apparent in light of the situation at hand.

From this place of clarity, I decided to radically redesign my life. The shock I had suffered meant that the job I was working was no longer sustainable for me. I needed time away to heal both physically and mentally.

My intuitive mind knew this but my rational mind was slow to keep up. So, I decided to follow my intuition and curiosity. Search out sparks of aliveness and see where they led me.

At the end of a two year journey I ended up moving country, leaving my job, and starting my own business. However, creating such dramatic changes was emotionally overwhelming and ultimately led to me burning out.

I came to understand that creating change doesn't simply involve diving head first into things with oodles of self-belief. It's much deeper than that, with many subtle traps and pitfalls along the way.

After having gone through the fires of personal transformation, it is now my passion to help people navigate the inner dimension of creating change by cultivating greater self awareness, removing mental blocks, and tapping into their innate creativity.

the process

How it works...

01. the Discovery call

A 30-minute video call to get acquainted and learn if we’re a good fit. I’ll ask about your intention for coaching and share with you how I can help, while also giving you a taste of how the sessions will run.

02. the Commitment

To get the most out of your mentoring I suggest at least a six-week commitment. Sessions will run for approximately 60-75 minutes. We will reassess our relationship after the allotted time agreement.

03. the structure

Life design mentoring sessions take place in a virtual whiteboarding space and are highly interactive in nature. The flow of the sessions will follow a predetermined path structured around the following:

// We will gain clarity on your root intention, what you stand for, and what you can offer to the world

// We will craft a bright and empowered vision for your future self to gradually step into

// We will bring greater awareness to the inner and outer resources you have access to, as well as any potential blind spots

// We will craft a plan to move you from where you are currently to your newly envisioned future

// We will explore ways in which you find yourself hitting roadblocks and address them at the root


At the end of the sessions, we’ll assess the best next steps. They may involve further coaching or more infrequent check-up calls. The goal of coaching is for you to reach a point where you don’t need me anymore. We will also celebrate all the personal milestones you have reached and plant a tree for each one through our partner Trees for the Future.


people saying nice things :)

Flip the cards!

"The coaching sessions have been invaluable"

Pierre, Film Critic

The mentoring sessions have been invaluable for my personal growth. I love the structure of the self growth space. I find it really gives me a sense of tangible progress as I fill in sections each week.

Film Critic

"An absolute must for entrepreneurs!"

Juliette, Sho-moon Founder

I wouldn't have been able to launch my sustainable candle business without my trusty Life Compass. It is absolutely a must for any would-be entrepreneur. I seriously don't know what I would do without it!

Sho-moon Founder

"jan helped me through a difficult period"

Mathew, Chartered Accountant

Jan really helped me through a difficult period in my life. I found his breathwork exercises to be particularly helpful for maintaining calm while working under significant pressure. As a result of the above, I strongly recommend the use of his mentoring services.

Chartered Accountant


mentoring approach

How do I know if this is for me?
Our approach is rather unique and it may not be for everyone. Though it may be for you if:
- You’re stuck and you want to get unstuck
- You feel disconnected from your spark for life
- You have a dream you keep putting off
- You want to create more meaning and fulfillment in your life
- You're transitioning towards a new chapter in your life
- You have lots of ideas and need help putting them into motion
- You wish to create a life more closely aligned with your values
What is a self-exploration space?
A self-exploration space is a place to help you better get to know yourself. Literally speaking, it is a template containing sections for you to complete - like your values, strengths, dreams and goals. Throughout your sessions you will be guided through exercises to fill out this space, with the end goal of getting to know yourself better.
How is mentoring different from coaching?
A coach traditionally focuses more on skills development or solving specific problems. They are more directive in nature and help with setting clear goals with actionable deadlines. By contrast, a mentor acts a space holder for the other person to explore feelings and ideas, offering perspectives and guidance only when appropriate.

Session logistics

How do I join a mentoring session?
When you book a session you will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link. Use this link to join the Zoom call at the date and time you specified. You will receive a reminder email before the call which will also contain the meeting link.
How do I reschedule a session?
You can reschedule your mentoring sessions by opening the confirmation email you got, scrolling to the bottom, and selecting the option to 'reschedule'. This will allow you to book another time.
Do I need anything before the session starts?
Nope. All you'll need is an internet connection. Sessions will take place over Zoom and will be facilitated in Miro, both of which don't require anything from you in advance.

Refunds & miscellaneous

Can I get a refund for unused sessions?
Sure. If you realise that these sessions aren't for you part way in then you will be issued a full refund.
What happens if I forget to attend a session?
If you forget to make a session as a one off, it's not the end of the world. However, if it becomes a regular occurrence then you will forfeit the sessions you miss.
What happens if my session overruns? 
It's on us to make sure we're running to schedule, so if a session overruns that's on us. If you wish to double-up and turn a 1 hour session into a 2 hour one, make sure to ask at the end of the session as it may be possible.