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Bespoke life compass system

Bespoke Life Compass system

Part way through the foundations path you will be given a copy of the Life Compass - a life design system within Notion. Personalise it to your life and use it to input your goals, organise your thoughts and stay focused on what matters most.


Progression based learning

Progression based learning

Each course builds on the next. For this reason it's suggested to dedicate a notebook these courses. You will be coming back to exercises and expanding upon them in future courses. The intention here is to help you to grow at a sustainable pace.


Immersive learning experience

Immersive learning experience

No one enjoys listening to 50-minutes of technical concepts shared via PowerPoint. This is why we make our courses all about you. Each module contains interactive exercises for you to do. This way, the concepts you learn are made relevant to your own life.


Community centric courses

Community centric courses

Our courses take place in a private community space which you will be invited to upon enrolling on your first course. Here you can meet like-minded people, share your progress, ask for help, and help others when you feel called to.


'Pay what you can' pricing model

'Pay what you can' pricing model

We operate an inclusive pricing model, whereby your current financial situation dictates what you pay. For example, if you're currently unemployed, you will pay 60% less. We use an honesty policy where we trust that you will choose the price that matches your situation.


Try the first course for free

Try the first course for free

We offer the first course in the Foundations path for free. Begin applying a designer's mindset to your life by bringing greater awareness to where you are at, right now. Get a feel for our approach and see if it is a good fit for you.

the foundations path

Your journey begins here

Learn core life design concepts and use them to begin designing a new future for you to step into. Also, gain access to the Life Compass system and use it to focus your energy on what you wish to create.

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Life design paths coming soon

Soon you will be able to choose a Life Design Path to embark on. Paths are collections of courses designed to guide you through the various challenges you may face in life.
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