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design thinking...
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We take concepts from design thinking and help you apply them to your own life through interactive courses and coaching.

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Jan Demiralp (founder)
Simon the slug, the glorious mascot of Inner Compass Academy
Welcome friend!

This is a place where we take tried and tested concepts from design thinking and teach you how to apply them to your own life.

We offer interactive courses, collaborative coaching, and engaging workshops to help you reconnect with your inner compass so that you may bring about positive change from a place of alignment.

If you're feeling a stuck, unsure about your future, or need help setting ideas into motion, then you're in the right place.

Much of what we teach you is structured around a bespoke system called the Life Compass (built within Notion). As you follow along with our courses you will have the chance to adapt it to your own life.

But before you begin building your Life Compass, I invite you to join me on our FREE introductory course where I will take you through what life design is all about.

See you on the other side!
Hand written signature of Jan Demiralp, founder of Inner Compass

Welcome to our life design academy!

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Hand drawn thought bubble containing dreams, goals and aspirations
Hand drawn flip chart to illustrate workshops run by Inner Compass Academy

Dearest Pierre,

Within this letter I have included a super sucret code for your eyes only. It is paramount that we keep this secret. If it should get to the hands of the common rable then it could end catastrophically!

Therefore, upon receiving this letter I advise that you memorise the codes, then proceed to destroy it IMMEDIATELY.

Having madeself unequivably clear, here is the code:

For 10% discount on courses use STARLIGHT at checkout.z

Yours sincerely,
Earl of the Doodle Manor

P.S. I have provided some sketches for the new course material at the top of this letter. Let me know what you think.

P.S.S. Lucy sends her regards and requests a belly rub the next time you two meet.

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We're here to share the magic of life design with the world!

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Interactive courses
Micro-courses to inspire and inform
Interactive courses

Fun and engaging courses that meet you where you’re at. Learn life design principles and build your personal Life Compass system within Notion. Find a path that suits you and start learning today.

Hand drawning of post-its categorised by dreams, goals and insights to illustrate an Inner Compass Academy coaching session
Life design coaching
1-1 coaching grounded in creativity
Life design coaching

Discover a highly-visual and interactive style of coaching within an online whiteboarding space. Clarify your intention and overcome challenges as you gradually build out your own self-growth space in a safe and supportive environment.

Hand drawn flip chart to illustrate workshops run by Inner Compass Academy
Company workshops
1-1 coaching grounded in creativity
Company workshops

Equip your team with tools and techniques to spark creativity, enhance wellbeing and achieve greater work-life balance. Workshops are currently under construction and will be launched soon.

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