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A community for inner explorers and life designers

We provide a safe space for you to explore your inner world, clarify what matters most, and use that knowledge to chart your path from a place of alignment and integrity.

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Jan Demiralp, founder
Simon the slug, the glorious mascot of Inner Compass Academy
Simon the slug, beloved mascot
Welcome to Inner Compass, a heart-centred self-growth community. We exist to empower people to consciously create their future from a place of alignment and integrity.

Our community is central to what we do. Within it you can find an abundance of free resources such as weekly guided journaling, monthly community gatherings and a curated catalogue of life design resources.

Our vision is for this community to be a safe space for people to explore their inner world, gain clarity on what matters most, and use that knowledge to create a personally fulfilling life.

You won't find overpriced courses or fantastical promises of personal transformation. Instead, we commit to helping you navigate the emotional ups and downs of creating meaningful life changes.

Whatever your background, whatever your circumstances, whatever your age, our doors are open to you.

To join, all we ask in return are three things:
1. Be respectful to yourself and others
2. Be honest with yourself and others
3. Be compassionate to yourself and others

That's all. If this resonates and you agree to our code of honour, we would love to welcome you with open arms.

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Hand drawn thought bubble containing dreams, goals and aspirations
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we empower people to live from a place of alignment and integrity

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