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This course will guide you through exercises to connect with your past and present, so you may begin to lay the foundations for a brighter, more aligned future.

lay foundations for a brighter future

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course overview

In world that is accelerating, how can we find our centre and walk our own path? This is where life design shines.

Throughout this course you will be guided through interactive exercises to lay the foundations for creating a brighter future. You will be introduced to two key concepts of life design: Life Paths and Life Areas.

Through these two concepts, you will begin exploring how your past influences your present and where you are out of balance in your life today.

what you will cover

Discover the formula for creating conscious changes in your life and how you can begin applying it to create profound shifts.

Explore how your past influences your present day reality by drawing out your Life Path and identifying formative crossroad moments.

Reflect on what it means to live from a place of alignment and what you could do to create more connection, passion, and joy in your life.

Conduct an energy audit to assess which areas of your life you are focusing too much on versus which ones you are neglecting.

Identify intentions you could set across each Life Pillar to bring your life more into balance.

is this course for you?

While everyone could benefit from applying Life Design concepts to their lives, this course is especially relevant for you if:

You are feeling stuck and restless and want to make changes to create a more fulfilling life.

You are undergoing a major life transition, such as break up, health challenges, or a career change.

You have recently graduated and are unsure about your direction in life.

You are a purpose-driven entrepreneur who wants to create a business, or pivot an existing one.

You are seeking to actualise your full potential by exploring ways to catalyse your growth.

Demystifying life design

Life design is the act of consciously shaping your future. It first requires you to go within - to clarify your path - then step outside to create a life aligned with your highest values.

This process can be emotionally messy and confusing at times. Your life doesn't change after one conversation or one course. Change requires vision, determination and consistency.

This is why we have a supportive community space, where you can grow alongside others, as well as a Notion-based system to organise your mind - the Life Compass.

Life design isn't about quick fixes or over-night transformations. Rather, it's about equipping you with the knowledge, tools, and resources to courageously create your future.

By joining our community will be able to create a passionate, aligned, and personally fulfilling life.

course outline

Module 1: Welcome to the Academy

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Course
Lesson 2: The Formula for Conscious Creation
Lesson 3: The Inner Compass Community

Module 2: The Life Paths You Walk

Lesson 1: Introduction to Life Paths
Lesson 2: Exploring Cross Road Moments Visualisation
Lesson 3: Making Courageous Choices
Lesson 4: Drawing Your Life Path ExerciSe
Lesson 5: Walking your Highest Path
Lesson 6: Living a Life of Alignment
Lesson 7: Identifying Moments of Alignment ExerciSe

Module 3: The Nine Life Areas

Lesson 1: Introduction to Life Areas
Lesson 2: The Energy Audit ExerciSe
Lesson 3: Setting Conscious Intentions
Lesson 4: Micro vs Macro Intentions
Lesson 5: The Seeds of Change EXERCISE

Module 4: Summary & Up Next

Lesson 1: Summary of Core Concepts
Lesson 2: Up Next - Locate Your North Star
Lesson 3: Our 'Pay What You Can' Pricing Model
Jan Demiralp, Founder

a bit about me

In 2020, I experienced acute derealisation for the first time, triggered by a traumatic event. In this half out-of-body state, the outer noise around me diminished, while my inner soundscape was amped up to 11.

This is when I strongly connected with the voice of my intuition. Suddenly all things were put into perspective for me. The pettiness of day to day problems became apparent in light of the situation at hand.

From this place of clarity, I decided to radically redesign my life. The shock I had suffered meant that the job I was working was no longer sustainable for me. I needed time away to heal both physically and mentally.

My intuitive mind knew this but my rational mind was slow to keep up. So, I decided to follow my intuition and curiosity. Search out sparks of aliveness and see where they led me.

At the end of a two year journey I ended up moving country, leaving my job, and starting my own business. However, creating such dramatic changes was emotionally overwhelming and ultimately led to me burning out.

I came to understand that creating change doesn't simply involve diving head first into things with oodles of self-belief. It's much deeper than that, with many subtle traps and pitfalls along the way.

After having gone through the fires of personal transformation, it is now my passion to help people navigate the inner dimension of creating change by cultivating greater self awareness, removing mental blocks, and tapping into their innate creativity.

our pricing

pay-what-you-can pricing

Income shouldn't be a barrier to a better life, which is why we have a flexible pricing model. This means you can discount our courses to reflect your financial situation.

How it works

It's up to you to pay what you can for the course. Below are suggestions relating to income:

No income

If you currently receive no monthly income and are struggling financially we suggest you pay €50 (a 50% discount).

uncertain income

If you have some financial security but are unsure about your future sources of income we suggest you pay €75 (a 25% discount).

Stable income

If you are comfortable financially and are able to cover your basic needs we suggest you pay €100 (the base price).
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