We help people organise their inner world so that we may collectively create a better outer world.

adjective · noun
· being deliberate and purposeful in one’s actions · adj
· directing one’s attention to an aim or purpose · adj

in philosophy
· the mental model one uses to make sense of the world · noun
· the beliefs and principles that informs one’s intentions · noun
The nine Life Areas within the Life Compass, by Inner Compass
Life Compass pop-up of a Dream, by Inner Compass
Calendar view within the Habit Builder within the Life Compass, by Inner Compass

We're an academy built for the information age

Welcome to our academy 👋. Chances are you haven't come across anything like us before. Life design as a concept has been around for a while but it hasn't really gone mainstream yet. We're here to change that.

Become the architect of your life

Our times are changing. With change comes destruction of the old to make way for the new. Disruption to our old way of life paves the way for us to create a new one. Something grander. But every grand creation requires a design. This is where life design comes in. We begin thinking about our lives as a designer rather than a backseat driver.

Unburden your mind

Work pressures. Family responsibilities. Financial obligations. Health challenges. These are the things that play upon many of our minds, drain our energy and keep us up at night. To restore our mental reserves we need a place to clear our heads and structure our thoughts. This is why journaling is such a powerful tool. It can reduce stress, increase creativity and propel us towards our goals.

Structure your thoughts

One of the problems with journals is you may have a fantastic idea - then poof! It's lost in a sea of pages. This is why digital notetaking apps are popular. But the problem here is their lack of structure and scalability. Soon most people's notes end up a complete mess. The solution? An interconnected and scalable system built around the areas of your life. This is what the Life Compass is. A system to organise your mind that evolves and grows as you grow.

Reconnect to what matters most

What do you really value? This is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself when thinking about your future. It can have many layers to it and be intimidating to answer alone. As part of our three-week course we guide you through intuitive writing techniques to uncover your guiding values and set goals from a place of alignment and clarity.

Live with greater flow

Some may be thinking that organising your life like this sounds like a chore. "Isn't this just a form of life admin". Quite the opposite my friend. By keeping your values and goals front and centre it becomes easier to say no to things you don't care about and focus on what truly matters. Counterintuitively, you'll end up getting more done by doing less and living with greater flow.
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Create your compass course by Inner Compass Academy

Create Your Compass Couse

Enrol on an immersive three-week course to create a personalised system to organise your mind and bring structure to your life.
Jan Demiralp - Founder of Inner Compass

Private Coaching

Book a private coaching session with Jan. It is recommended to attend the Create Your Compass course to get the most value.

Notion Community Hub

Bring together your people, resources and knowledge using a community driven hub that adapts and grows with your team.

Corporate Training

Bring the Life Compass to your organisation. Teach your team how to organise their minds and amplify their productivity.

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