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Our story

where it all began...

Today, we are a self-growth academy that takes a heart-centred approach to helping people live better lives. Want to know how we came about? Well, read on...

Part I: navigating the storm

The seed of Inner Compass was planted when I was going through a particularly stormy period of my life. I recall staring at my list of tasks across my work and personal life and feeling hopelessly overwhelmed.

I was working full-time as a management consultant, moving country, and building a business on the side. So much was changing around me that on some days even the simplest of tasks became anxiety-inducing.

My focus was all over the place and I struggled to prioritise my time. I frequently questioned my life direction and the validity of my choices. My stress levels consistently rose and created a negative feedback loop in my life.

I would lie in bed at night staring at the ceiling in the dark, having given up on the prospect of sleep. My health suffered and by the end of the year, I developed cavities in half of my teeth from the constant stress.

It is against this backdrop that the Life Compass was born. From the sheer necessity to organise my chaotic mind, I created a basic system in Notion to help me focus my attention.

Over the months this system rapidly grew and evolved until it eventually morphed into the first version of the Life Compass.

As time progressed, I let other business ideas drop away and instead entertained the idea of teaching people how to organise their minds, and by extension, their lives.
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Part II: forged in the fire

I gradually realised that creating meaningful changes was not about working harder. It was about living smarter and directing my attention towards things that moved me towards my vision.

But first I needed to get clear on my vision. This required soul searching to figure out what I really wanted from life. I knew I wanted a passionate life where I used my gifts to help the world... I just had no idea what that looked like practically.

My journey involved a lot of trial and error, false starts and inevitable disappointments. I questioned my path at times and felt like giving up more than once.

In fact, the hardest thing for me was to keep going. Thankfully, I was gifted with inspiring mentors, supportive friends and wise teachers along the way to guide my path and uplift me when I felt low.

Now my wish is to offer you the same gift through Inner Compass Academy: interactive courses to guide your path; a life design system to keep you focused on your vision; and a supportive community to keep you moving forwards.

A profound wisdom resides within you. An inner wise voice waiting to be heard. All you need is a safe space to help release it and channel it.

This is that space...
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Our guiding values

the things we infuse into our way of being

Values act as North Stars. They guide us in what we do and how we do it. Click the post-its to see what each of our values means to us.
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Our core strengths

What we bring to the world

Strengths guide us where to focus our energy. They inform us how best we can serve the world. Click on the post-it's to see how they relate to you.
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Our offerings

See what we have to offer

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Interactive courses

Start your journey for FREE
Interactive courses

Our fun and engaging courses introduce you to powerful life design concepts, and guide you through the process of building your own life design system within Notion.

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1-to-1 coaching

First call at a discount
Life design coaching

Experience a unique form of interactive coaching using whiteboarding. Build your self-growth space in a supportive environment and discover your true potential.

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company workshops

Coming soon!
Company workshops

Equip your team with tools and techniques to spark creativity, enhance well-being and find greater purpose in the work they do. Workshops will be launching soon.

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