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we empower people to consciously create their future from a place of alignment and integrity

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We are a heart-centred community approaching self-growth from a place of respect, honesty and compassion. We also work with companies by offering in-person workshops grounded in trust and open communication.
Our community

a new paradigm: heart-centred self-growth

We are a heart-centred self-growth community, but what does this really mean? 

To us, this means moving away from telling others what they should be doing to improve themselves and instead inspiring them to take action from a place of personal power.

The old paradigm of personal development is underpin by a layer of guilt. One where we judge ourselves for not being a certain way, looking a certain way, or achieving some external measure of success.

Here, we invite you to step into a new paradigm. One where we respect our current psychological and physiological needs, and grow from there. This is what we mean by heart-centred self-growth.

Our intention is to form and nurture a community of people who share these values and aspire to grow from a place of compassion, honesty, and respect - both towards themselves and others.

This community acts as a safe space to go deep and explore the big questions of life:

"What truly matters to me in life?" 
"What can I uniquely contribute to the world?"
"How can I live with greater alignment and integrity?"

By unpacking these questions, you will gain clarity on your life path. You will deepen your connection to life and cultivate a wisdom which you will radiate to those you encounter.

If you feel this resonates, we'd love to welcome you to be a part of our community.
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Our workshops

embodied values: creating a culture on genuine trust and integrity

Many companies possess aspirational values, such as stewardship, respect, and integrity. In fact, 55% of Fortune 100 companies claim to hold the value of integrity. So why is it that companies like Enron (who also held this value) fall short of embodying their values?

Stating a value is the first step. Aspiring to euphold company values is commendable. The challenge arises when it comes to filtering these values across the company.

There are many factors at play here; such as inherent self-interest, poorly designed incentive structures, and conflicting personal values.

The area our workshops focus on is the third: conflicting personal values. Our workshops guide teams through the challenging (yet rewarding) process of uncovering their personal values and reflecting on how they can create greater alignment within their work.

We focus on creating a safe space for deep reflection and courageous conversations between team members. By the end of the workshop teams will feel closer, more connected and more understanding of one another..

It is no surprise that when employees feel their personal values align to the work they do, they feel happier, more creative, and a more motivated. And when employees feel valued, heard, and respected they will naturally and genuinely begin to embody the company's values.

If this is something your team would be couragously willing to explore, I invite you to get in touch below.
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Our values

the values we infuse into the things we do

Personal growth work requires openness and vulnerability. By embodying the values of respect, honesty, and compassion we aspire to create safe containers for reflection and growth in our community and workshops.

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Our offerings

all the things we do

Our work is centred around the theme of guiding values. Our community, courses, and coaching exist to help connect people to what matters most to them, and then build a life authentically around that. Our workshops focus on the workplace and support team members feel heard, understood, and valued for the work they do.

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Our community

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