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Create your compass course by Inner Compass Academy

Create Your Compass

Enrol on an immersive three-week course to create a system to organise your mind, find direction and move towards your goals.
Jan Demiralp - Founder of Inner Compass

Private Coaching

Book a private coaching session with Jan. It is recommended to attend the Create Your Compass course to get the most value.

Community Hub

Bring together your people, resources and knowledge using a community driven hub that adapts and grows with your team.

Corporate Training

Bring the Life Compass to your organisation. Teach your team how to organise their minds and amplify their productivity.

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Services we offer

Create Your Compass course for employees
We offer full day training sessions where we guide employees through the process of creating their own Life Compass, with a special focus on optimising and enriching their work lives.

To ensure good engagement we only provide training for groups of between 5-25 people.
Create Your Compass course for leadership
We offer bespoke full day coaching sessions for company leadership where we guide them through the process of creating their own Life Compass and using it to optimise their work performance.

Sessions are offered on a one-on-one basis or for groups of up to 10 people.
Speaking engagement
Hire Jan, the founder of Inner Compass, to (virtually) come talk at your next company event. Jan believes that each individual possesses untapped inner-strength to bring about massive positive changes in their lives and their communities. Coming from a working class background, he is passionate about upward mobility, self-actualisation, and advocating holism at both an individual and corporate level.

What to expect

Is training delivered virtually or in-person?
Both. However, in-person training is only offered in Europe and your company will be expected to cover travel costs.
How do training sessions run?
Training will run from 10:00 till 17:00, with an hour break at midday and a 15 minute break at 15:00. For in-person events it is expected that the company provide the catering arrangements.
What is included in the training?
Morning slot: positive psychology theory; the APEA framework; accessing flow states; value discovery exercise; strength discovery exercise; life area prioritisation

Afternoon slot: Life Compass setup; dream visioning exercise; goal setting exercise; learning to learn; capturing inspiration; creating change; building good habits; knowledge management


Pricing for employee training
Groups of 5-10: €1250 per person
Groups of 10-20: €1000 per person
Groups of 20-25: €750 per person

Plus transport and accomodation costs if applicable.

Note, a 50% discount is offered to not for profit companies.
Pricing for leadership training
Due to the bespoke nature of this training packge an estimate will be provided on enquiry.

Plus transport and accomodation costs if applicable.
Pricing for speaking engagements
Prices vary from free to paid depending on the topic being discussed and the audience. Send an enquiry for more information.
Do you offer discounts for non-profits?
We offer a 50% discount on all training for non-profits. Also, Jan regularly offers one pro-bono speaking but spaces go fast so do get in touch quickly if interested.

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We offer a range of services to companies large and small. Let's talk to see if we can help you out.

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