Self-discovery coaching

Interactive coaching to help you spark ideas, shift perspectives and clarify your path.

Life Coaching with a twist

Here’s a paradox for you: "self love is knowing that you are perfect as you are, yet simultaneously acknowledging that you deserve better."

This beautiful quote from Vex King marvellously sums up our philosophy toward coaching.

It is common for people to look for guidance and coaching from a belief that something is wrong with them or their life. I believe this is only one side of the coin.

My intention is to help you see and reconnect with your innate gifts and talents, so that you may use them to catalyse your growth.

True growth comes from a place of self-love, not self-judgment. When you are able to embody this - magic happens!

My coaching approach is highly visual and collaborate in nature. It takes place in a self-growth space in an online whiteboard called Miro.

Together we will uncover your values and strengths, outline your dreams and goals, and set tasks to gradually move you towards a brighter future.

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My story: How i became a coach

If I time-travelled back to meet 18 year old Jan and told myself that I would be a life coach in 10 years time, no way would I have believed him!

For much of my life I was happy dealing with problems myself. I took a fierce sense pride in my independence and saw opening up to others as a sign of weakness. 

But there came a time where things took a turn for the worst and I needed outside help. I saw a therapist and began talking to my friends about the challenges I had been facing.

I gradually opened to the idea that I didn’t have to go through life alone. Help came in many unexpected ways and I realised that was always so much help out there - I just had to be willing to see them.

My healing journey took me down peculiar paths, culminating in what some may call a spiritual awakening. I won’t go into details here, but if you’ve had similar experiences I would love to hear them. 

If any of this resonates, I invite you to book an intake call where we can get to better know each other.

Looking forward to hearing your story,
Hand written signature of Jan Demiralp, founder of Inner Compass

our approach

interactive & visual coaching

Coaching sessions take place in a personal self-growth space. Here you'll have the chance to express your ideas visually, expand your self-awareness, and build a solid foundation for your future.

Get your creative juices flowing in a visual and collaborative coaching setting (hosted in Miro).

Represent your thoughts and feelings visually

Be guided through powerful self-growth exercises

Capture sparks of insight to come back to later

Week-by-week build out your own self-growth space. Gradually uncover more about yourself as you fill in the blanks.

Clarify your Guiding Values and Core Strengths

Connect with your dreams for the future

Take action towards your immediate goals

After each session you will be given quests to complete. As you complete quests we will plant trees on your behalf with Trees for the Future.

We will plant a tree for every 3 quests completed

The more you grow, the more trees will grow

You will receive an official certificate afterwards

the coaching process

How it works...

Book coaching

step 1: book an intake call

During the intake call we will get to know each other. You will have the opportunity to share your story, the challenges you are facing and explore whether my style of coaching is a good fit for you. I will introduce you to the concept of a self-growth space and elaborate on what we will be doing in future sessions. If you feel comfortable, we will move onto scheduling future sessions.

step 2: choose a coaching plan

If you wish to continue, you have the option to choose different coaching plans. At this stage you have three choices:
1. Single session
2. Three-session bundle (Fire Starter Bundle)
3. Six-session bundle (Change Maker Bundle)

The larger the bundle, the greater the discount. We will discuss which plan is best for your situation in the intake session.

step 3: Fill in your growth space

You will be granted access to your own personal self-growth space in Miro. This will act as your reference point throughout your coaching journey. Throughout our sessions you will be guided through exercises to help you fill in your self-growth space. This will include things like your guiding values, core strengths, dreams and goals. As you progress week-by-week all your progress will be captured in this space, for you to keep forever!

step 4: plant trees as you progress

At the end of each week you will be assigned a number of quests to move you towards your goals. As you complete these we will plant trees on your behalf (1 tree for every 3 quests completed). At the end of our time together, you will receive an official certificate with the number of trees you have contributed to planted.

step 5: keep going and growing

Even after our coaching sessions have ended you will be able to access your self-growth space in Miro. This way you can re-connect with what was discussed and re-visit any ah-hah moments you may have had. If you feel you need additional sessions in the future, we can pick up from where we left off and build from there. This way any progress you made before is not lost.


people saying nice things :)


"The coaching sessions have been invaluable"

Pierre, Masters Student

The coaching sessions have been invaluable for my personal growth. I love the structure of the self growth space. I find it really gives me a sense of tangible progress as I fill in sections each week.z

Masters Student

"An absolute must for entrepreneurs!"

Juliette, Sho-moon Founder

I wouldn't have been able to launch my sustainable candle business without my trusty Life Compass. It is absolutely a must for any would-be entrepreneur. I seriously don't know what I would do without it!

Sho-moon Founder

"I strongly recommend his coaching"

Mathew, chartered accountant

Jan really helped me through a difficult period in my life. I found his breathwork exercises to be particularly helpful for maintaining calm while working under significant pressure. As a result of the above, I strongly recommend the use of his coaching services.

Chartered Accountant


frequently asked questions

Coaching format

How does coaching in an online collaboration space work?
Coaching sessions take place in the online whiteboarding space - Miro. Think of this a collaborative canvas where you can visually explore ideas and structure your thoughts. After the intake call you will be given your own self-growth space within Miro which you will gradually fill in each week.
What exactly is a self-growth space?
A self-growth space is a place to help you better get to know yourself. Literally speaking, it is a template containing sections for you to complete - like your values, strengths, dreams and goals. Your self-growth space contains lots of interactive exercises which you will be working through in your coaching sessions.
What makes the coaching sessions interactive?
Traditional life coaching typically has you talking back and forth with your coach. The coaching you will experience here adds another layer - active participation through visually expression of ideas. You will be actively working alongside your coach (Jan) by adding sticky-notes and actively organising them.

Session logistics

How do I join a coaching session?
When you book a session you will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link. Use this link to join the Zoom call at the date and time you specified. You will receive a reminder email before the call which will also contain the Zoom link.
How do I reschedule a session?
Rescheduling will need to occur manually, so please send an email to at least 24 hours in advance. If you need to reschedule within a shorted time window then a refund cannot be guaranteed. 
Do I need anything before the session starts?
Nope. All you'll need is an internet connection. Sessions will take place over Zoom and will be facilitated in Miro, both of which don't require anything from you in advance.
I don’t feel comfortable being on video, do I need to have my camera on?
While there is no obligation to turn your camera on, it is recommended to do so in order to establish a more personal connection. However, if you choose to keep your camera off your choice will be respected.

Refunds & other costs

Do I need to pay extra money to access Miro?
Nope. The cost for your Miro space is included in your coaching fee. You won't need to pay anything extra.
Can I get a refund for unused coaching sessions?
Of course - just send an email to If, for example, you purchased six coaching sessions but only needed four, you have three options: a) ask for a refund for the remaining two sessions; b) gift those sessions to friend; c) keep them as credits for the future.
What happens if I forget to attend a session?
Please do make every effort to attend the scheduled sessions. If you miss a session and did not reschedule at least 24-hours beforehand then you will be charged in full for the session. However, if it is your first time missing a session then you will get a one-off free pass and this fee will be waived.
What happens if my session overruns? 
At the end of the session there is a 10 minute window to wrap things up. This acts as a buffer to prevent an abrupt cut-off. If you wish to extend the session for longer there is an option for you to do so. If possible, additional time will be charged at EUR 20 per 15 mins.