Life Design Foundations

The Life Design Manifesto

July 20, 2021
3 min read

Imagine a time in the not too distant past, when we gathered around campfires to share tales of adventure, love, and loss. A time where wisdom was passed on from village elders through the sacred art of storytelling. This was a time when people understood the power of community and the importance of connection. No (wo)man is an island; we need each other to grow and thrive. It is on this premise that this life design academy is established.

But what exactly is life design? You probably didn't hear your parents talking about it, and it definitely wasn't a term during your grandparents time. This is a new concept that has been gaining popularity in the personal growth space. It is based on the notion that we as individuals have the power to shape our futures, much the way an architect designs a house before it is built.

The premise of life design is both empowering and overwhelming. In one way, it liberates you to become the master of your own destiny. Suddenly all the things you once saw as fixed in your life are now changeable. This could mean leaving behind old relationships in search of new ones, quitting the job you've been stagnating in and starting afresh, or revamping your health by uprooting old unproductive habits.

On the other hand, the shadow side of life design is found in the physical manifestation of your design. There is growing interest in the use of intention setting, visioning, and dream setting activities within the self improvement space - and for good reason. These are powerful tools for breaking free from limiting beliefs and old ways of being. However, once untethered, the free fall begins. If you're no longer attached to a certain relationship or work persona, who are you now? And who could you become? This is where confusion sets in and the potential for overwhelm arises.

The flavour of life design we teach at Inner Compass honours both sides of the creative process: the seen and the unseen. We acknowledge the inner changes are required to create outer world changes, and vice versa. Striking a balance between these two worlds is paramount for creating an aligned life grounded in personal integrity.

Too much focus on the external world will result in you designing a life devoid of Spirit. Too little focus on the external world will result in you living life in your head.

Here, we endeavour to help you create from a place of balance and alignment. We host weekly guided journaling sessions to connect you to your inner wisdom and monthly community challenges to create tangible results in your outer world.

We also offer the Life Design Foundations Path, a series of courses structured around the Formula for Conscious Creation. Unlike traditional courses, which focus heavily on transferring information, these courses are more experience-based. They have you actively take part through interactive exercises, which may include journaling, sketching, and guided visualisations.

The place to begin is the first course in the series, Introduction to Life Design. This course sets the stage for the following five courses. By the end of the six-course series you will have gained greater clarity on your life path, envisioned new future possibilities, set and structured empowering goals, and equipped yourself with an assortment of tools and resources to navigate the inevitable challenges that come with change.

To summarise, life design is an emerging field brimming with potential. As with most new ideas there is much hope and possibility that comes along with it. The idea of consciously designing our futures is a powerful one; it has the potential to move our lives in new and exciting directions. But without the appropriate understanding and guidance it can quite easily leave people feeling overwhelmed and deflated as their visions come up against the harsher sides of reality. This is why Inner Compass exists. To act as a lighthouse for people sailing through the storm of personal transformation, and granting them safe passage to shore.

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